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In ARK +  we have 3 special competencies:
1: Multi-functional buildings and church projects
2: Innovation &  sustainability, low-energy & passive houses
3: Thoughtful total solutions for schools & institutions

"Better to create light than curse the darkness" - So let us create light! We would like to join you in the process of creating life & light in some both beautiful and long-lasting projects, where all the pieces of the puzzle are accounted for. In ARK + we want to create design and architecture for life.  In ARK + we make optimal use of the resources available through flexible functional space, durable materials, and well thought out, proven, energy-efficient solutions.

I believe, that together we can create light and make a difference :)

Lars Skinhøj -Architect & founder ARK +

The ARK + network consists of Lars-Skinhøj-chief architect + Founder of ARK + network &  Kjeld Kjeldgaard Ghozati- Partner in E + N & The Constructa Ingineer Team. Together we can cover all aspects of innovation & building.

" Our judging panel noted that the 'Innovation Center, Odense' project was a true triumph in multi-purpose architecture. This project was considered as a shining light in this years' awards, and our panel also noted your commitment to innovation and sustainability can only create a fantastic environment for learning and knowledge.


The consensus between the judges is that ARK + stand above the competition within the Multi-Function Building category this year on a local and national level. "

We are gratefull for this  recognition of our effort to bring architectural quality into all our projects within school, church and housing!

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