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A classic Chinese proverb says "If you can afford 2 bread, buy one bread and one flower. The bread to live, and the flower to make it worth living."

ARK+ creating life & light via modern nordic design in a church in Denmark

"Better to create light than curse the darkness" - So let us create light! We would like to join you in the process of creating life & light in some both beautiful and long-lasting projects, where all the pieces of the puzzle are accounted for. In ARK + we want to create design and architecture for life - that lights up and makes a difference. Both for the people who make it become reality, and those who use it everyday. There must be room for the light, the dream, the adventure, and the elegant space, because that makes life worth living. In ARK + we make optimal use of the resources available through flexible functional space, durable materials, and well thought out, proven, energy-efficient solutions.

I believe, that together we can create light and make a difference :)

Lars Skinhøj -Architect & founder ARK +

An innovative puzzle

12 years as an architect has given me a passion for complex problems. As creative architect to work holistically to put all the pieces of the puzzle into a functional and aesthetic peace of art:

Functionality              - For 12  years ARK + have designed multi-functional buildings and shared spaces.

Energy                   - because lowenergy is the future, &  ARK + have been involved right from the start.

Economy                 - because beautiful design is done with simple solutions and optimal utilization.

Context                               - because nature,  city &  years of intense contextual analysis hangs on for life.

Sustainability             - because it is common sense, both for ourselves and our children.

Light, sound and climate   - because our senses are our lives - and must be incorporated  from first sketch.

Building technology         - because I'm a trained academic architect, but I also grew up with craftsmanship                          and innovation and have designed and built a passive house for my own family.

ARK + network

The ARK + network consists of Lars-Skinhøj-chief architect + Founder of ARK + network &  Kjeld Kjeldgaard Ghozati- Partner in E + N & The Constructa Ingineer Team. Together we can cover all aspects of innovation & building.

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