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Security in all phases of construction

The process leading up to an architect-designed dream house  may seem long and confusing, but with the help of Ark +, every single part is conscientiously taken care of. Below is a clear description of the phases of construction  and what role the architect plays in each phase. Of course, it is also possible to order an architect on an hourly basis, or tailor a consultancy package specifically for the individual task. 


Inspiration meeting

Non-committal meeting at Ark + 

For free

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Come on in at our studio in Vejle and have a chat. We take the time to uncover your options and possibilities. Have a cup of coffee and feel free to bring photos or references. - Then we may already have the start of a solution.


On-site analysis

Identification of dreams, needs & opportunities

1800, -

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Needs analysis, which identifies ideas, wishes and requirements for the project. We map out what it takes for the project to be realized. Possibly. analysis of house or plot with estimates of financial framework and schedule can be done on site.

The following matters are clarified:

  • Existing conditions possibly ,. ground / ext. House,

  • Wishes and needs Reference pictures & ideas for materials.

  • Finances / Time frame Quality requirements are reviewed.

  • Any framework and challenges are discussed  with reference to regulatory basis


Sketch suggestions

Visualized decision basis 

18000, -

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One visualized proposal is made, which uncovers all important issues and presents it from several angles. On this basis, inquiries can be made with the municipality and craftsmen so that a qualified decision can be made.


The proposal contains:


  • Architectural presentation of idea and space 

  • Illustrative plan, sections and facades 

  • Reference images /  visualizations from multiple angles

  • Statement of floor area / building%

  • Estimate of schedule & total cost of construction


Authority project

Documentation for authority approval

Price on request

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Necessary documentation to the authorities of existing and future conditions with all drawings, measurements and calculations of areas, distances and sloping height boundary plans. 
Filling in the documentation on the Building & Environment portal with preparation and submission of documents and certificates for, Fire, rescue openings, boundaries, elevations, building damage insurance so that the authorities can declare the case fully covered and carry out completed construction case processing with a building permit.
This material can also be used for any. calculation of energy calculation and more accurate estimates from craftsmen.

The proposal contains:

  • Authority contact and dialogue

  • Detailed situation plan, floor plan, sections and facades with height boundary plans & measurements

  • Building component journal with descriptions of construction choices, materials and solutions

  • All necessary specific drawings and documents for regulatory approval


Main project and tender material

Documentation for craftsmen and  tender.

Price on request

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Necessary documentation and detailed drawings and descriptions for craftsmen, which can be used for both price calculation and execution of the construction itself.

Incl. Preparation of legally binding documents, as prerequisites and conditions for the form of contract and the craftsmen's execution and quality control.

Incl. Preparation of drawings and documents as a prerequisite for use in static calculations.

Engineer: (Energy calculation & static calculations are necessary documentation for the authorities and are performed at the expense of an external consultant

The proposal contains:

  • Detailed drawings and descriptions for craftsmen 

  • Tender documents


Negotiation and contract writing

All binding agreements, surcharges and deductions are clarified with the contractors before construction begins.

Price depending on type of contract


Supervision and delivery

Ark + Takes care of construction meetings and keeps an eye on all phases of construction until delivery and approval.

Price depending on type of contract

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