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Skjern Bykirke og menighedshus -kirkecen

In ARK + we have 3 special skills:
1: Multi-purpose buildings &  ecclesiastical projects
2: Innovation & Sustainability, Low Energy & Passive Homes
3: Thoughtful overall solutions for schools & institutions

"Better to turn on the light than to curse the darkness" - So let's create light! In the process of creating life and light, we want to involve you in some beautiful and long-lasting projects, in which all parts of the puzzle are counted. At ARK + we want to create design and architecture for life. Architecture and design that illuminates and makes a difference. Both for the people who make it a reality, those who only come to visit, and those who use it every day. There must be room for light, dream, adventure and elegant space, because that makes life worth living.

We utilize the available resources through flexible functional space, long-lasting materials and well-thought-out, proven, energy-efficient solutions.

"Our jury found that the project" Innovation Center, Odense "was a real success in multi-purpose architecture. This project was considered a shining light at this year's awards, and our panel also noted its commitment to innovation and sustainability. just a fantastic environment for learning and knowledge.


The consensus among the jury members is that ARK + is in the category of multifunctional buildings above the competition this year at the local and national level. "

We are grateful for this recognition of our efforts to bring architectural quality to all our projects in schools, churches and apartment buildings!

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